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Who We Are


Chantel’s design roots stem from her experience as a district manager for a well-known home decor store, where she developed an eye for home styling by staging products to move inventory quickly.


Ann's management experience in the highly demanding restaurant industry separates her from the rest. She is able to successfully complete projects on tight budgets and even tighter time frames. 


Chantel’s staging work and Ann's project management have helped make speedy and profitable sales for real estate clients, yielding a nice return on their investment. Their work in home staging and redesign has enhanced and enriched the lives of their clients.


Together, Chantel and Ann transform homes and spaces to fit clients’ lifestyles, and stage homes to facilitate quick sales, with flair and finesse. These women bring a unique blend of design, merchandising, and project management experience, along with good, old-fashioned industriousness. 

Chantel Firman

Ann Messerscmidt

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